10 Things you didn’t know about Chef Adrianne

Chef Adrianne - #Maximum Flavor Social Cookbook

Chef Adrianne Calvo unveils her third book #MaximumFlavor Social

With the release of award winning culinary artist, Chef Adrianne Calvo’s third book at the end of this month titled, #MaximumFlavor Social we wanted you to get to know her a little better.

This is the first, cutting edge cookbook of its’ kind to pioneer the realism of social media from the personal side of a chef. Culinary enthusiasts and fans will not only view more than 75 recipes but also discover how social media has been a platform to connect with her followers, not just in the kitchen.

Calvo, who’s authored two other cookbooks, states that this has been the most anticipated release yet. Chef Calvo said, “It’s been one of the most exciting projects in my life! The journey of writing this book, recipe tasting and compiling memories has been unreal and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. After a year of research, I know there’s no book like this out on the market yet, so it feels incredible to share a literary piece that’s a little different.” Between research, writing, and recipe testing #MaximumFlavor Social, has taken just under two years to create.

The revolutionary sensation will feature Facebook, Twitter, Instagram comments from her fans alongside some of the recipes that Chef Adrianne refers to as the “greatest hits” from her highly acclaimed restaurant, Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar. Readers will also learn how to replicate memorable dishes derived by her radiant and exquisite cooking style known as, Maximum Flavor. This rebellious and comprehensive culinary ride is the first cookbook to dig deeper into what social media represents to a chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist giving readers an inside look at the creative process, posting, reactions, and how the culinary mastermind behind it, assimilates it all. Before the holiday season, it will be available to purchase as an E-Book, Amazon, and book stores (Hardcopy: $34.99, Paperback: $29.99).

It’s always refreshing to know your audience and vice versa. Together with Chef Adrianne we’ve compiled a short list that gives you a slice of her lively personality and flavor.

Here’s what you need to know before diving into #MaximumFlavor Social:

1. In 3 words she describes herself as: outgoing (in front of the camera), shy (in front of people) and crazy.

2. She is naturally a dirty blonde but when she was 20 she began to dye it red. “I think that the red hair is symbolic of my personality,” Adrianne said.

3. She hasn’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in 8 years.

4. When she is not working, her go-to meal is a Publix sub.

5. Her current songs on re-play are: Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire, Hunter Hayes’ I Want Crazy and Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Beethoven

6. On her down time Adrianne likes to “go to the beach, lounge at the beach, eat at the beach – everything at the beach.”

7. She is a self-proclaimed “sucker for romance,” which is the inspiration for the ambience at her restaurant- from the lighting to the rose at each table.

8. She considers the notes people leave her to be “love letters to a chef.”
“One day somebody started leaving me a note on a receipt…I take it really serious – I think it is so cool. I save every single one of them. I don’t post all of them because I don’t want to be obnoxious but when I see that people take the time to hand write me something, I call them love letters to a chef.

9. Her most proud moments consist of going to St. Judes to cook a Holiday Feast for the kids and parents. She said, when you see the excitement of the kids, “there is no award that could compare to that feeling.”

10. If she wasn’t a chef she would want to be a writer because she is a “book nerd.” On her reading list right now is Tales of Ordinary Madness by Charles Bukowski.



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