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August 2016

10 Best Miami Spice Lunch Deals

Miami’s foodies fill their calendars with Miami Spice weekend dinners, but some forget that Spice can be twice as nice when you take advantage of lunch menus too. Not all participating restaurants offer Spice at lunchtime, so we’ve done the leg work by finding the best menus from those who do (in no particular order). Spice up your lunch routine and enjoy $23 three-course lunches from now until the end of September.

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Louis Vuitton Speedy http://www.louisvuitton.com/en/flash...home_entry_gb0I dont how much is the conversion for tis bag to USD but this bag is awesome and 'not saturated'


Louis Vuitton Handbags Speedy, Eva or Neverfull =) great investment!

LV Top Handles Congrats!!! Enjoy!!

I <3 my Totally MM. Louis Vuitton Damier


Louis Vuitton Outlet I have the Empriente Artsy and I don't have that problem. I would say try it on with a different outfit and if it's not comfortable, return it.


please do not throw it away! I know so many people who would die for a louis vuitton and cant afford it LV Handbags


Louis Vuitton Luggage I am lucky and the Fedex depot is just a few streets from me...so I know I can get my bag that night...but...its usually after 5-6pm only CALL...