Our wine locker program at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard restaurant and bar offers members exclusive access to our private and personalized wine lockers.

Collection of wines that the Wine Club Membership provides special pricing for

Membership Benefits

  • Special Pricing - Members receive a discounted price on wine selections at Chef Adrianneā€™s Vineyard Restaurant and Bar. Discounts up to 30% off specific wine and spirit selections.
  • By-The-Case Savings - Opportunity to order exclusive wines up to 30% discounted pricing.
  • Preferential Reservations - Even during the busiest days and hours.
  • Special Events - Invitations to special Members-only parties, tastings and dinners. You can be a part of the best wine experiences in Miami.
  • Personalized Plaque - Each locker membership comes with a personalized plaque displaying the name of your choice.
  • Personal Ledger - Each locker owner will have a personal inventory ledger in their locker that will be updated by staff members.
  • Corkage Fee - All corkage fees are waived with each locker membership.

Membership Requirements & Terms

  • Members may only store spirits if valued at $200 or more.
  • Members must maintain a minimum six bottles from the Vineyard Reserve Club.
  • Members may not store wines listed on our wine menu unless purchased at Chef Adrianneā€™s Vineyard Restaurant and Bar.
  • Locker keys are held on premise by the management team.
  • Members are responsible for re-ordering to stock their locker through our wine locker concierge.
  • Chef Adrianneā€™s Vineyard Restaurant is not responsible for any spoilage.
  • All annual memberships renew automatically twenty-nine (29) days before the memberships anniversary date. All annual membership cancelation requests must be received via email thirty (30) days before the memberships anniversary purchase date.
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