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Sat, Mar 14 · 2 guests · 7:00 pm
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Sat, Mar 14 · 2 guests · 7:00 pm

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  • In the effort to provide all our guests with an elevated dining experience, we do not accept dinner reservations with children under the age of four (4) years old. Our younger guests are always welcome before 5 PM.

Welcome to The Best Restaurant in Miami

At age 20 I took a trip to Napa Valley that ended up changing the course of my life for the better. I instantly fell in love with the food, the wine, the atmosphere and everything in between. After a few fortuitous experiences and a bit of elbow grease along the way, in 2007 Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant moved from a dream to a reality.

Now, several years later, I am reminded on a nightly basis how deeply food can inspire. At Chef Adrianne’s we aim to evoke the same type of ambiance my trip to Napa Valley offered me. The menu is curated with Maximum Flavor in mind as we set out on a daily basis to make sure that each bite, each sip and each experience is as memorable as the last.


The menu at Chef Adrianne’s Restaurant Vineyard Restaurant and Bar is a culinary symphony that vows to wow the palette. Its foundation is based on a simple philosophy that you cannot create an amazing dish, without starting with the finest of ingredients sourced from the best purveyors, farmers, growers, butchers, and fishermen. We have earned our reputation as the best steakhouse in Miami thanks to our commitment to the details.


Upon entering Chef Adrianne’s, you immediately leave Miami for a culinary trip to Wine Country, California. Our wine bar in Miami offers enchanting warm woods reminiscent of oak barrels, “magic” also known as wine is aged in, surround you. Rustic bricks and copper accents depict the artisanal, hard work of the land. A seat at her tables makes you feel like you’re friends with the chef, the farmers, the wine-makers, all the purveyors, and everyone in between. Whether it’s your first visit to our fine dining Miami restaurant or your 20th, we promise a memorable evening with every visit.

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