Reserve a Table to Celebrate Your Graduation

Whether you're graduating from high school or college, your graduation is a special event that deserves an equally special party. At Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar, we want to help you make your celebration even more memorable as you enjoy one of our many private dining rooms and sample our delicious menu.

Celebrate Your Achievement With Culinary Excellence

Graduation is a special moment that calls for a unique celebration at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar. Our menu draws direct inspiration from Napa Valley with its diverse range of items, and we offer various event experiences, making us the perfect location for group celebrations of any size. 

Who Is Chef Adrianne Calvo?

Chef Adrianne Calvo is the founder of Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar. Her inspiration for her restaurant comes directly from a life-changing trip she took to Napa Valley. Her menu also includes a unique concept she created called “Maximum Flavor,” which combines sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavors for a fully immersive culinary experience.

Chef Adrianne Calvo

Private Dining Rooms to Celebrate Miami Graduations

Celebrate your achievements in one of our stunning indoor or outdoor spaces. Our top Miami graduation dinner venues include:

The Terrace

Rows of tables in The Terrace outdoor private dining space

The Terrace allows you to hold your party by the water as you celebrate with friends and family on our spacious outdoor covered patio.

The Cellar Room

View of The Cellar private event room in Miami, FL

If you are looking for a more private setting for your celebration, The Cellar Room allows some separation while maintaining the dining room's energy.

Wine Garden Room

Closeup of the table layout in the Wine Garden private dining space

Celebrate your achievements in our green and lush Wine Garden Room. This charming outdoor space features vibrant greenery and a satellite bar.

Yountville Room

Two rows of tables in the Miami, FL "Yountville Room" private dining space

The Yountville Room features soft lighting and stunning textured wallpaper to make any graduation dinner feel more elegant. 

    Flavorful Dining Events for New Miami Graduates

    If you'd rather celebrate your achievement with an event, our graduation party restaurant is a hub of activity, and we offer many events throughout the week. We also host special events such as:

    The Chef's Table

    Enjoy an in-depth look into Chef Adrianne's culinary process with The Chef's Table. We will walk you through each ingredient and technique we use for a truly immersive experience.

    Dining in the Dark

    Make your next culinary experience truly out of the ordinary with our Dining in the Dark events. A staff member will blindfold you at the beginning of this unique event, leaving you to rely on sound, smell, touch and taste as you savor our menu in a whole new way.

    We invite you to view our happenings page for more information or to see our other weekly events.

    Book One of Our Miami Graduation Dinner Venues Today

    Take a moment to celebrate your achievements by booking your party at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar. As one of the top restaurants for graduation parties in the Miami area, our team will work with you to create a unique and fresh menu that meets your specific tastes. Explore our private event spaces or happenings page to plan your celebration around one of our many events.