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Wine Locker Rental Agreement


I ACKNOWLEDGE the terms, requirements, and privileges of obtaining a Vineyard Reserve Club Wine Locker at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar and agree to abide by all obligations set out below. I understand these obligations and privileges may be amended or modified at any time by the restaurant. The restaurant's management team will give me notice of any modifications, and I will have 30 days to terminate this rental agreement after such notice. If I do not terminate my rental agreement, I will continue to accept all the modified obligations and privilege changes. 



  1. All wine locker holders must be 21 or older. 
  2. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's agrees to rent a "Wine Locker" to store wine and spirits. 
  3. Members must maintain a minimum of six (6) bottles from the Vineyard Reserve Club. 
  4. Members may not store any wines or spirits listed on Chef Adrianne's beverage menu unless purchased at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Bar. 
  5. Members are responsible for re-ordering to stock their locker through the Vineyard Reserve Club locker concierge team member. 
  6. Payment for members' wine locker inventory purchases will be due when the wine arrives and is placed in their locker.  
  7. Members may only store spirits if valued at $200 or more. 
  8. The key to member wine lockers will be kept by the restaurant's management team. 
  9. A personalized plaque and a wine locker card will identify your locker. 
  10. Only wine locker cardholders will have access to their wine locker unless it is an approved guest who the cardholder authorized Chef Adrianne's management team to serve from their wine locker. In this case, the authorized guest will sign their initials. 
  11. Members will be provided an updated personal wine ledger displaying their inventory (past and present selections). Once a member has selected a wine from their locker to enjoy, they and a member of Chef Adrianne's management team must initial and place the date beside the bottles consumed on your wine ledger, confirming that the bottle was indeed consumed. 
  12. Partially consumed wine bottles cannot be re-stocked.    
  13. Locker sharing is not permitted. 
  14. A $10 per bottle gratuity charge will be added to your bill to compensate your server for providing wine service on the day of consumption.    
  15. Locker rental will begin on the day this agreement is signed by both parties and will continue for one full year. Locker rental will automatically renew annually unless terminated by the lessee in writing 30 days before the renewal billing. Credit card refunds will result in a $30 administration fee. 
  16. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's will charge the total amount of the annual locker rental fee at the beginning of the first term of this rental and the beginning of any renewal term. 
  17. Locker holders shall remove the contents of their locker at the expiration or before the termination of the term. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's reserves the right to remove the contents of any Locker on which the term has expired, for nonpayment, or if the agreement has terminated. 
  18. All wine stored in a wine locker, whether brought from your personal collection or purchased from the Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's, is stored at your own risk. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's is not responsible for and expressly waives any liability for broken or damaged bottles, spoiled wine, or any other claims unless such damage is the direct result of the willful conduct of the Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's or it's employees. In such a case, The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's will reimburse you for the value determined by our wine distributor. 
  19. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's reserves the right to revoke lockers at any time. 
  20. The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's may terminate this agreement on written notice if the locker holder fails or refuses to comply with this agreement. 
  21. I acknowledge and agree that the assigned locker shall be used only for the purpose of storing bottled wines and spirits for personal consumption. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the termination of this agreement by The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's. I accept all risks associated with the use of the locker. 


                                          RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS: Lockers shall be available for rent annually. A renewal notice will be emailed each year to the wine locker holder. It is the locker holder's responsibility to provide current contact information to The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's. If the renewal payment is not received within 30 days after the renewal billing, the locker will be re-assigned, and the contents will be removed and disposed of. 


                                          TERMINATION OF RENTAL: Cancellation of this agreement must be submitted in writing to within one month of the billing cycle (typically 30 days, depending on the month) for it to be processed. Cancellation is not guaranteed unless the lessee receives written notice and the lessor receives notification within the renewal billing cycle. (i.e. If you wish to cancel in February, The Vineyard Reserve Club at Chef Adrianne's must receive notice in January.)